Computer Upgrade / Migration Services

Data Migration on Green Arrow.

As your company grows, your information technologies become increasingly sophisticated, and you will need computer consulting and support to upgrade and migrate computer systems in order to maintain an optimal IT infrastructure that will support core business functions.

Upgrade information systems to leverage the latest applications.

Newer operating systems and applications have been developed to take advantage of faster processing powers only available in newer hardware technologies. Whether your organization needs desktop support to upgrade operating systems on individual workstations and servers or migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, Iowa Technologies can help. Our team will will work one-on-one with your organization to fully migrate Small Business Server, Windows Server 2003 and up, applications, databases, configurations and websites in working order to their new home. Iowa Technologies will evaluate your current setup and estimate your migration time, plan and execute your server migration, and provide ongoing communication throughout the entire process.

Protect hardware, software and data against threats.

Older workstations and servers are often running on unsupported operating systems which are vulnerable against the rapidly changing threat landscape. Newer operating systems, supported by vendors will have frequent security patches to protect IT systems from newly identified vulnerabilities. Upgrading servers and workstations will ensure that your organization’s IT systems are protected against external threats such as viruses, phishing schemes, and network scans.